Yamaha RS Venture TF LE

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Conquer Snow

Yamaha's Venture series holds a special place in the hearts of many owners for their ability to provide fantastic reliability with good fuel efficiency and a comfortable ride. RSVenture TF LE provides a meatier, fuel-injected engine and electric power steering, a feature that will greatly improve your ride quality and comfort. You'll also get a factory-installed Performance Damper and limited edition red paint scheme if you place a deposit on one during Spring Power Surge.

  Yamaha Mid Performance Engine

  • Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle
  • 3-Mode drive selection - Sport, Touring, Entry
  • Fuel-injected
   Electric Power Steering
  • Speed and Torque Sensitive
  • Betters handling
  • Reduces rider fatigue
  Yamaha Performance Damper

  • Factory-installed
  • Reduces chassis vibration
  • Improves ride comfort
 LE model receives factory-installed Performance Damper to reduce unwanted chassis vibration and improve ride comfort.
 Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle provides optimal air mixture for throttle position. D-mode controls fuel flow to allow for 3-Mode drive selection. Sport, Touring, and Entry Modes.
 Industry exclusive Electric Power Steering drastically reduces steering effort and delivers unprecedented handling capabilities.
 Deltabox II with Rider-Forward Position
 The Rider Forward Position of the Deltabox II chassis is achieved by positioning the handlebars and seated position high and forward. The rider can go from sitting to standing and back again, easily and comfortably. The combined mass of sled and driver is more centralized in this position, adding to the razor-sharp handling capabilities.
 Genesis 120FI Engine
 The fuel-injected, low-revving, high-torque Genesis 120FI boasts a 6-horsepower gain with a 5-percent gain in fuel economy over the proven carbureted version. The large stator cranks out an additional 70 watts of electrical power. The Genesis 120FI: power up, fuel consumption down, smiles on faces.
 Advanced Fuel Injection
 The Genesis 120FI uses Yamaha's advanced fuel injection system to control fuel flow to the engine. Consumers enjoy the engine's hassle-free, spot-on performance and throttle response as a result of the advanced electronic fuel injection system.
 Standard Electric Start
 Fire up your RS Venture with the simple turn of a key, thanks to electric start. There is no pulling on a nylon cord to get this high-tech engine growling! Electric start is a standard feature on all of Yamaha's 4-stroke machines.
 Engine Braking Reduction System
 The unique Engine Braking Reduction System allows a small amount of air to pass through the fuel injection system when the throttle is released, for a smooth "coast" feeling.
 Digital Gauge with Loads of Data Features
 The RS Venture GT features a digital gauge that displays a wide variety of data. In addition to standard readouts like speed, engine RPM, dual trip meters and a clock, it also has an oil trip readout which tracks when it's time for an oil change and fuel trip readout which displays how many miles you've gone since the fuel light came on.
 151" x 15" x 1.25" Camoplast® Rip Saw® Track
 The Camoplast® Rip Saw® track has been widely acclaimed in the industry as the best all-around OEM track for acceleration, cornering bite and everyday trail usage. The Ripsaw track development is the result of a collaborative effort between Yamaha and Camoplast.
 The addition of Yamaha's acclaimed Tuner Dual Keel skis greatly reduce darting and offer a wide range of carbide set-up options, from mild to aggressive pattern.
 Large Windshield
 Designed for functionality and style, the windshield is engineered to deflect and direct cold air and snow spray away from both driver and passenger.
 Large Integrated Hardtop Storage Trunk
 This cavernous cargo trunk has a beautifully integrated hardtop and features a weather-resistant gasket to help keep snow and moisture away from your cargo.
 Fully Adjustable Backrest
 Whether you're riding alone or with a friend, the fully adjustable backrest can be moved forward or aft with a simple lever release. It also has rotational adjustment to set the cushion for personalized comfort. The passenger's heated grips offer two height options for even more personalized fit.
 Pro Comfort CK Rear Suspension
 The Pro Comfort CK rear suspension is designed to deliver a very plush ride with great anti-bottoming performance. The skid carries a high-tech 40mm HPG clicker shock on the rear arm for simple adjustability for one rider or two. The suspension also features wheels with replaceable bearings and a trick-looking spoke design.
 Dual DC Outlets
 You'll find an automotive-style outlet for cell phones, GPS or other electronic accessories, as well as an RCA-style plug near the left hand grip for your heated helmet visor or other small-plug accessories. The larger stator on the engine cranks out an additional 70 watts of power compared to previous models, so there is plenty of power on tap for both systems.
 Additional Features
  • E.B.R.S. (Engine Braking Reduction System)
  • High output stator for more electrical output (+70 W)
  • Lightweight Magnesium head cover
  • Fuel Trip: keeps track of mileage once fuel level is low
  • Oil Trip: light reminds rider of oil changes
  • Dual DC outlets
  • Fully adjustable backrest that can move forward to the driver
  • Adjustable passenger grip height
  • Passenger grip warmers with separate adjustments
  • Wheels with replaceable bearings
  • Oil pressure sensing system for increased reliability and durability


RS Venture TF LE
Sale Type
Manufacturer Qty
Yamaha Blue
Engine Size
47.3'' (1202mm)
4 Stroke / Liquid cooled
54'' (1380mm)
126.6'' (3215mm)
Ski Type
Tuner II
Rear Shocks
36mm, KYB® Aluminum HPG 36mm, KYB® Aluminum HPG
Front Travel
8.5'' (216mm)
Front Shocks
36mm KYB® Aluminum HPG
Fuel Delivery
YCCT, 41mm Mikuni, Fuel injection
Track (WxLxH)
15 X 151 X 1.25'' (381 x 3835 x 31.8mm) Camoplast® RipsawTM
Bore And Stroke
82 x 66.2mm
Disc Brake Type
2 Piston Hydraulic, Ventilated Disc
Fuel Capacity (L)
Ski Stance C To C
42.5'' (1080mm)
Suspension (Rear)
Pro Comfort Suspension with Flip-up rails
Suspension (Front)
Independent, Double Wishbone
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Weyburn   Ontario , S4H 2B2


RS Venture TF LE
Sale Type
Manufacturer Qty
Yamaha Blue
Engine Size
47.3'' (1202mm)

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