Yamaha Apex X-TX LE (1.75'')

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Yamaha Apex X TX LE (1.75'')
Yamaha Apex X TX LE (1.75'')

Item Information

Apex X-TX LE (1.75'')
Sale Type
Manufacturer Qty
Yamaha Blue
Engine Size
4 Stroke / Liquid cooled
Bore And Stroke
74.0 X 58.0mm
Fuel Delivery
39mm Mikuni®, Fuel Injection
Disc Brake Type
4 Piston Hydraulic, Lightweight Ventilated Disc
Suspension (Front)
Independent, Double Wishbone
Front Shocks
Fox ® FLOAT ® 3
Front Travel
8.5'' (216mm)
Ski Type
Tuner II
Suspension (Rear)
SingleShot 146
Rear Shocks
Fox® FLOAT® 3 XV
121.1'' (3075mm)
47.3'' (1202mm)
47.6'' (1210mm)
Track (WxLxH)
15 X 146 X 1.75
Ski Stance C To C
42.5'' (1080mm)

Conquer Snow

The Apex X-TX adds the additional flotation and bump bridging ability of a 141 inch Ripsaw 2 track, but with 1.75" lug. Performance 4-cylinder engine, electric power steering, EXUP, tuner Gen 3 skis and lightweight 'Single Shot' rear suspension are all standard on this legendary trail cruiser. The limited edition also recieves Yamaha Performance dampers.
 Yamaha Performance Damper

  • Factory-installed
  • Reduces chassis vibration
  • Improves ride comfort
 Camoplast Backcountry Track

  • 15 x 146 x 1.75"
  • Arched lug design for trail and deep snow
  • Staggered pattern offers excellent soft snow traction
 Fox Front Suspension

  • FLOAT 3
  • High-flow velocity-sensitive damping
  • Highly customizable
  • Progressive air spring
LE model comes equipped with upgraded Fox FLOAT 3 front shocks for weight savings, better performance and easy customization.
LE model receives factory-installed Performance Damper to reduce unwanted chassis vibration and improve ride comfort.
Yamaha's new SingleShot Rear suspension system is 10lbs lighter than the previous Apex rear. Fox FLOAT 3 XV Shock allows for not only lighter weight, but easy tuning and customization.
The Apex X-TX 1.75" uses the Camoplast Backcountry track with arched lug design and staggered pattern for excellent soft snow traction.
 Electric Power Steering
Yamaha's EPS system is high-tech and super lightweight, requiring no fluids or heavy pumps. It is a dynamic system that monitors vehicle speed, engine rpm and the rider's steering input to calculate the optimum amount of steering assist… more at low speeds and less at high speeds. EPS accomplishes a few things. Primarily it decreases steering effort making the machine feel lighter. But EPS also helps limit negative feedback coming through the skis. And since steering effort can be more easily controlled, different ski and runner combinations can be used with little impact on steering effort. The right combination of EPS, suspension geometry, ski and runner, allow the Apex to carve through turns with incredible precision and minimal effort.
 EXUP delivers smooth torque characteristics
Yamaha's EXUP System utilizes a titanium body and butterfly valves that prevent the "blow back" phenomenon caused by valve overlap. This design reduces weight and eliminates "flat spots" in the power band while reducing emissions at the same time.
 Aluminum Frame
Yamaha's lightweight CF die cast aluminum frame provides exceptional rigidity and balance. The rear frame was designed to accommodate the shortened muffler to further enhance mass centralization.
The Apex engine is renown for its ability to provide big horsepower in a very usable manner. This has been achieved by using a refined mixture of cam timing, air intake and a 38mm 4-into-1 titanium exhaust with EXUP. The result is an engine that has excellent throttle response, is strong from low to mid-range, and sings on top. Exactly where you want it to.
The addition of Yamaha's acclaimed Tuner Dual Keel skis greatly reduce darting and offer a wide range of carbide set-up options, from mild to aggressive pattern.
 Revised intake valve timing
We changed the lift angle of the intake valves from 104° to 109° increasing the overlap of the intake/exhaust valves which when combined with EXUP results in more power and a smoother power delivery.
 Lightweight pistons and oil rings
Lightweight forged aluminum pistons with a dome shape for uniform combustion are very strong, yet lightweight, and reduce vibration while running quieter.
 38mm titanium 4-into-1 exhaust pipes for more perf
 38mm titanium exhaust pipes form a 4-into-1 unit, tuned for improved power development at higher rpm. Larger diameter tubing combined with EXUP improves the efficiency of pressure waves from each cylinder that resonate inside the exhaust pipes, thereby improving performance in the medium and high rpm ranges. The design uses shorter diffuser and moves the muffler further forward contributing to better mass centralization.
 ISC (Idle Speed Control)
 ISC ensures stable idle right after starting. Not only does it improve starting and idling stability, it also controls changes in idling speed to facilitate warm-up, with improved starting and idling performance at higher altitudes. ISC also incorporates EBRS (Engine Braking Reduction System).
 Addition of a knock sensor adjusts the ignition timing to prevent irregular combustion. If lower octane fuel is used the ignition timing will automatically compensate by retarding the ignition timing to prevent knocking, to ensure consistent and reliable engine performance.
 Intake funnels & intake tract
 The shape and length of air funnels, along with the air cleaner have been designed to work in conjunction with EXUP for superior performance.
 Two DC Outlets
Charge your cell phone, plug in your GPS, or other electronic accessories to the standard automotive-style outlet. There's also an RCA-style plug near the left hand grip to power heated helmet visors or other small-plug accessories.
 Improved Wind Protection
A lot of effort was spent improving ride comfort including wind protection. There's a three-piece windshield, completely redesigned for more wind protection without compromising top speed performance. The side panels were also modified to improve airflow around the rider, extending the air envelope especially around the riders legs.
  • Yamaha's EXUP System
  • EPS for light and precise steering
  • All-aluminum CF die-cast frame with optimized rigidity balance
  • Engine Braking Reduction System
  • 144 x 1.25 x 15 inch track
  • Taller seat with new material for reduced wear
  • Front screen designed for excellent wind protection
  • Fresh ergonomics, featuring a taller , contoured seat and handlebar layout
  • High out handle bar heaters


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